Please see below for how the Lord is using our ministry in helping to aid those impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic both internationally and here in our own community. All glory to God! He is good.

1. Internationally through our disaster relief arm Anchored International Relief , we have formed a task force to aid our missionaries all over the world to help them to respond to the pandemic in their own countries.
  • In both Rwanda and Uganda we have provided funding and logistics for food, and PPE’s for our three hospitals in Uganda. As a church (CCJSC) we continue to provide support to pay for doctors, nurses and midwives in Uganda both before the pandemic, as well as now in the middle of this crisis. 
  • We provided funding for our missionaries to feed hundreds of families in Rwanda who are not able to work or get food because of the lockdown. 
  • We facilitated the delivery of 500 badly needed surgical masks to a hospital in Tijuana where the medical staff is working without PPE’s and are coming down with the virus. Our prayer is that the use of these PPE's will reduce the spread of the virus to the medical staff and others. 
  • We also plan to deliver another 2,000 masks this weekend for hospitals, police and our own chaplains in Tijuana.
2. Currently we are putting together a team of volunteers to help make cloth masks for local use in the poor community and in Mexico. Our goal is to make 2,000 masks. Signing up to volunteer is easy and as they register we provide them with guidelines and instructions on how to make the masks as well as provide them with materials if they do not have the materials on hand. So many people want to help during this time and this is a great way for them to get involved! God is good! To sign and help make these masks, click HERE.

3. As a church (Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano) we are meeting with our missionaries across the world once a week over GoToMeeting for an encouraging word from our Pastor, Pastor John Randall, and to share prayer needs. 

4. Locally we are providing volunteers for the feeding of the San Juan Capistrano community at lunchtime. We are working in conjunction with Crisis Kitchen and Bad to the Bone BBQ. We will be participating once again in this lunchtime distribution this coming Saturday and Sunday (4/18 & 4/19) and plan on participating each weekend until there no longer a need. As we are working with other organizations, so far we have given out more than 1600 meals and about 1000-1500 Gospels of John in both English and Spanish.  

5. The week before Easter our children’s ministry distributed bags of candy and children’s crafts to poor families in our local neighborhood. Many of these children live in single family apartments with upwards of 20 people living in each home with multiple families.   

6. This week we will be providing groceries and non-food items to the local neighborhood and families who are in need of them. 
7. Each day Pastor Gary is meeting with our team to coordinate and plan these efforts on behalf of the Lord through Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano.

8. Additionally, our Emergency Operations Team engaged quickly and efficiently to help Denise Carlsen (one of our missionaries to Uganda and Sudan) book a spot on an emergency evacuation flight home from Africa to receive immediate medical attention here in the USA. Please see HERE for the incredible testimony of how the Lord worked that out- God is so good!

9. On Tuesday (4/14) our Critical Incident Debriefing Team met with the members of a local corporation that experienced the tragic and traumatic loss of one of their staff members which occurred at their workplace. We will be engaged in on-going ministry with them in the coming days.
As this virus continues to sweep through our county, our nation and our world, we are ready to be used as the Lord sees fit to help and aid those who are in need. This is all by the grace of God and for HIS glory alone. Please continue to pray for us as we reach out to our Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth during this COVID-19 crisis as well as after all of this is over. What a blessing to be used by Him in these capacities. Where the Lord guides, He provides! 
God Bless You, 
Pastor Gary Kusunoki
Missions Pastor at Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano
and Chief Officer of Anchored International Relief
Easter 1.jpg

Meeting with our missionaries for

prayer and updates.

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Serving our community at lunchtime in SJC.

Handing out Easter bags to the local children in our community!