Emuku Family

soroti, uganda

Dr. Juventine Emuku was an up and coming medical doctor headed for private practice in the Ugandan capitol of Kampala when the Lord got a hold of his heart. He left the affluence and promise of great wealth to go and live in a tent in the bush of Northern Uganda. Working in an area that used to be home to the most ruthless dictator in Uganda Idi Amin and was 95% Muslim. These were radical Muslims who had chased out all the Christian missionaries in the 1970’s. Since that time Juventine has labored faithfully to see what was once a one room clinic with no medicine and no personnel, turned it into a busy hospital complete with a maternity ward and operating theatre. Where once more than 50% of the children died before age 5, children now thrive and grow. More importantly, Dr. Juventine has been Pastor Juventine as he pastored a growing church in the area, Calvary Chapel of Midigo. He now works with aministry called Promise Child (www.promisechild.org) that has helped to further build the church, Christian School and sponsors hundreds of children in the area. Dr. Juventine’s wife Elizabeth is also a doctor working at her husband’s side. Now they are beginning a new mission as God has spoken to them to raise up others to take over the work in Midigo and move to Juventine's hometown of Soroti. They are obeyed the leading of the Holy spirit and moved to Soroti in July of 2013 and started all over again with a bible study and a hospital. 

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