Jjagwe Family

midigo, uganda

The Jjagwe family is serving in Northern Uganda at Calvary Chapel Midigo. Charles is the Physicians Assistant and Medical director at Midigo Hospital, which is funded by the church. His wife, Levenia, serves with the women's ministry, along with working as a nurse at the hospital. They have four beautiful children who are in school. Their names (from left to right) are: Joshua Mugabi (13), Deborah Kisakye (15), Esther Kirabo (17) and Aida Mirembe (7). Joshua's  name, "Mugabi” means God gives, Deborah's  name, “Kisakye” means Grace, Esther's name, “Kirabo” means Gift, and Aida's name, “Mirembe” means peace. 

Check out Calvary Chapel Midigo's website here.

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