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A Thank You Letter from Denise Carlsen

Hello Pastor Gary, Pastor John and all of CCSJC!

Thank you so much, for everything! Praise God we have hope and peace because of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

What a whirlwind its been, as you know when my flights from Uganda were cancelled, I drove down to the city to get supplies and get my annual mammogram. At that time I did not see any reason to come back to the USA, I wanted to be right in the middle of the crisis with my people in South Sudan and Northern Uganda. We could be helping with the food crisis in the Refugee Camps and the IDP camps during this trial. Being the hands and feet of Jesus.

But, God had different plans for me, for us. Because of my previous battles with breast cancer, I got my annual mammogram in Africa, that let to an ultra sound for breast cancer that lead to emergency evacuation to USA for medical. My doctor in UG and my Cancer Surgeon here in OC both agreed that I could not wait, they couldn't tell me the tumors were cancerous but they told me not to wait. There were no flights coming in or out of Uganda and Uganda is not set up to treat cancer, there is one radiation machine that has been broken for years. All driving was shut down in the county, I was stuck at a guesthouse in the city without any way to get out of Africa, without any way to get back to my home in the North. I couldn't even get to the Doctor's appointments, I tried and the newly appointed Government forces (thugs in uniform) threatened me with beatings, taking my vehicle and arresting me. God was my only hope.

Then a miracle of God happened. It was CCSJC and God that made it all happen, against all odds. It was a miracle after miracle! It was the relentless work of Pastor Gary and the CCSJC team, the prayer warriors, the church that got me out of Uganda on a flight out of nowhere, got me to the USA and into a place for quarantine. So, I am here in the USA! We are so blessed in this country, with our amazing churches, medical care, food! I am so blessed because of God and CCJSC.

I am asking for more prayer regarding the outcome for my surgeons appointment and my diagnostics appointment, April 21st and April 22nd. Also pray about my accommodations, especially if I need surgery and treatments again. My son and his family can not take me in because my 8 year old grandson has had several heart surgeries and can not get sick. My three other friends homes where I stay at during my annual visit here in OC are fearing the virus too much to have me stay. I understand I know God has something else planned!

I know our Lord has great plans for all of us during this time! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Radical changes for all of us. So much suffering, but this is the time, persecutions, tribulations, that millions will come to know and love Jesus as their Savior. It is always as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus that drastic changes happen in my life!

I do not fear, but I rejoice in that I have great God who loves me so much! I am excited to see God's promise! Romans 8:28

I am praying for you during this difficult time. Please keep me in prayer for a healing!

Love you and so grateful for you,

Denise Carlsen

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