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Bolinger Prayer Requests

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hello everyone, Again thank you for taking the time to read and pray. We are in a valley of decisions. Not regarding our ministry. But our daughter's return to college in a few weeks. I had hoped the college would offer online courses but no... they want kids to come and live on campus. Yikes. I am more concerned about the election violence than about the corona virus. Our daughter really wants to return. We also want her to return but under more peaceful conditions. 

We are also praying about our living situation and trying to reduce our rent by looking for a cheaper place. This would interrupt our school and church but that's why we are asking for prayer. If God wills for us is to move to another place, we pray that He'd make it clear. There is a property available but it's in a location that would make it hard for others to get to.

Pray for the Asahi Japanese Language school. I have been taking our weekly bread donations to the Vietnamese students at the school. The director explained that this corona virus has made things difficult for the students to have anything extra. So after talking to the school the director has invited me to speak to the students in August on American Life. Pray for opportunities to minister to the students. 

Pray for peace to rule and reign in our hearts and to not allow the enemy to sow seeds of fear and doubt. Pray for even greater boldness and courage to share the gospel. Pray for provision and continued wisdom to manage things with what we have. God bless you all and thank you for praying.

In Christ,

Dan and Mihoko

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