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Denise Carlsen is Home!

For the last two weeks we have been praying fervently for one of our missionaries Denise Carlsen in Uganda. She may have a reoccurrence of cancer and needed to come home urgently to see her oncologist. Unfortunately Uganda has been on complete lock down because of COVID-19. In fact it is illegal to even be out on the road for any reason anywhere in the country without special written permission.

Two weeks ago as Denise received her preliminary diagosis all commercial flights into and out of the country were canceled. We began to pray fervently and work behind the scenes. Well, long story short, God worked a total miracle! Denise was able to get a ticket home on a flight negotiated by the US Embassy (thank you President Trump) but paid for at the travelers own expense. For days it seemed as if this flight was going to be canceled and it was very unclear on how to get a ticket. At one point they were told to go to the offices of the airline. Denise tried that but was stopped and threatened with arrest by the military. The ticket came through our own travel agent here in the US (thank you Golden Rule Travel).

After almost 60 hours of travel Denise arrived safely in Los Angeles early this morning! Thank you to all who were praying and most of all THANK YOU LORD JESUS! Here is what we need prayer for:

1. God to give Denise rest from this long and physically exhausting trip.

2. God to heal Denise completely and for the new tests and doctor's appointments to show no tumors!

3. God to comfort Denise as she left her mission in such a hurry and I know if sad to not have been able to say good bye.

4. God to continue the work that He has begun there in Northern Uganda and South Sudan.

In Christ,

Pastor Gary

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