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Don & Marta Patten- Newsletter Update!

Hello all, thank you for praying for us. We recently returned to Santa Ana, California. Please pray as on March 24th, my stepdad, Larry Knudsen, was admitted to the hospital in Kansas.  They determined that he has double pneumonia and they sedated him and put him on a ventilator. The tests have confirmed that he has Covid 19... Larry is 75 and is a believer and is very compassionate. Pray for my step sister LaRonda and her husband Rocky as LaRonda took him to the hospital. Also pray for Hillary who is Larry's granddaughter. Hillary works as a nurse at the Olathe, KS, the hospital where my dad is being treated. My dad is pictured below. Pray for wisdom for me about traveling to Kansas, the hospital will not allow anyone in to see him.

Here is a brief update from the end of our two month trip and clinics in Israel.  We finished 42 days of eyeglasses, blood pressure monitor, walkers, and canes distribution the beginning of March.  We flew back on March 13 to return before the mandatory stay at home was declared in Israel and then in California. We had 35 people pray to receive the gift of salvation.  We gave out 3000 to 3500 books with Bible promises and testimonies.

We had many touching encounters with Holocaust survivors and elderly people in need.  In the picture below you can see that the lady’s glasses are actually two glasses held together with a rubber band. She had them this way to increase the strength to be able to see.   We gave her new reading glasses and also distance glasses including a clip on for sun protection.   She was so delighted and appreciative that she received such wonderful gifts.  She actually had spontaneous smiles and laughter as see could see so clearly!

We distributed eyeglasses to over 2650 people, blood pressure monitors to 465 people, and 322 people received mobility items (walkers, canes, and 2 wheelchairs).  We met multiple people who had recently had eye operations or had recently had their old eyeglasses break and they were so delighted to receive new eyeglasses.  We had people so overwhelmed that they could receive reading glasses, glasses for distance, and sunglasses.  A few people asked do I need to pay for these, we smiled and told them, you can pay with your smile, at which time a huge smile would come over their faces! We have been happy to encourage people with practical gifts and to remind them that they do not need to live in fear as some of them are disturbed over the recent news.  It is our joy to serve others as we partnered together with the Israeli organization, Helping Hand Coalition.  Over the 42 days of distribution we traveled to 28 cities in Israel. Some cities we did multiple days of clinics for various organizations such as Ghetto and Concentration Camp survivors, Refugees of WWII, Veterans of WWII, Elderly Retirement Homes, and associations of new immigrants to Israel. 

We have helped such a large variety of people in need that we already have requests to come again and to continue to assist those in need in Israel. In spite of public fears and government health restrictions it has been a wonderful time to help so many people during such a beautiful spring time in Israel. I prayed with a lady named Galina, who decided to surrender her life to the Lord, Galina and her sisters were experimented on as a children in a concentration camp. It is really an honor to serve such people. Please pray for the Lord's direction for us as it is hard to know how to make plans in this current world wide crisis. Pray for my step dad Larry, who is sick with Covid 19 and pneumonia. Pray for me as I am teaching two chapters of Proverbs once a week to Bible College students online. Pray for grace for Marta and I as we seek to live for God and discern his will for our lives. Thank you, Don and Marta Patten

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