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Fish Farm Update- Midigo, Uganda

Midigo Fish Farm Ministry Update

Pastor Charles Jjagwe continues consulting with local fish farm experts and implementing best practices to expand the fish farm at Calvary Chapel Midigo. Assisted by two workers, James and Ecega, the ponds yield modest harvests of catfish and tilapia. The number and the size of the fish will increase once a new aeration system is installed. The more oxygen in the water, the healthier the fish.

Round-the-clock Care

Plans are underway to build a small house near the ponds for the aerator and provide storage for supplies. There’ll be room for a worker to keep an eye on the ponds at night. It’s not uncommon for local predators such as roaming monitor lizards to take a dip and grab a midnight snack.

Something New on the Menu

On the course to become more self-sustaining, the ministry is producing its own fish food. The feed is a blend of locally obtained dried blood and ground bones from goats and cows, soybean meal and cotton seeds. The fingerlings recently added to the ponds are thriving with the new, home grown food.

Help from the Nation’s Experts

Managing a fish farm, small or large, requires constant care. To stay informed of the latest developments in aquafarming, Pastor Charles visits the nation’s aquaculture research center in Kajjansi. The more he learns, the better results in fish harvests, which will create more opportunities to share the Gospel with the people of Midigo.


Solar system and LED lights to help scare off predators and attract more insects for the fish.

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