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Ives Family Update- March 2020

Hello everyone,

What a crazy time we live in right? Who would've thought a couple months ago that countries would be closing their borders, shutting down schools and restaurants and order people to stay in their homes? Covid-19 has been slower in reaching Mexico, but this week schools, restaurants, churches and other public meeting places have begun closing their doors to combat the spread of the virus.

It can be tempting to become overwhelmed and succumb to worry and fear. We must remember that God is still on the throne! He's not in heaven panicking about the Coronavirus. It's interesting that in Spanish the word "corona" actually means "crown". The title of my sermon to our church this past Sunday was "The Father Still Wears the Crown". The crown doesn't suddenly belong to some virus but it still belongs to the Lord! We can rest in His love and His sovereignty.

At Roca Norte, we were able to have service this past Sunday in our usual building with half of the church physically present and the other half participating online. I actually have the video linked below if you're interested in seeing what a service at Roca Norte looks like. Worship is in Spanish only, but the sermon is translated from English to Spanish. One things that is cool that just hit me is that in this video you will be able to see two young men (Mario and Erick) that i've had the privilege of discipling through the years and have mentioned at times in these emails! As a church, we believe that God is at work through Covid-19! There are many people that may not normally listen to the message of the Gospel and the hope it offers, but now the fear and concern that come with these times has opened up their ears to finally listen. Even the adjustments that we as churches have been forced to make in transitioning our services online give us a new potential audience that we may not have been able to reach before. May God give us the wisdom, flexibility and creativity that we need to use these circumstances to reach the lost with the Good New of Jesus!

As always, thanks for your prayer, encouragement and financial support. We can't imagine doing this without you and we are so grateful for you!

- Tim, Priscilla, Josiah and Hannah

Ephesians 3:20-21

Praise Reports

- I feel like God is blessing the unity and spiritual growth of Roca Norte with the launch of our House Church meetings and with more people serving at our Sunday morning services!

- The church has a great mix of younger, middle aged and older people all seeking Jesus together!

- Our UACH fellowship/Bible study has continued to consist of a good mix of Christian and non-Christian students talking about life and Jesus together!

- All of the measures taken to limit the spread of Covid-19 mean that we will have a lot more time together as a family!

Prayer Request

- That God would give us at Roca Norte the guidance, wisdom and creativity to use these circumstances of Covid-19 to reach the lost in our city with the Gospel.

- That God would help us with knowledge and wisdom for all of the technology issues and opportunities that come with moving all of our ministry online.

- That God would guide us with the campus ministry at UACH and with what we can do to minister to the students over this month-long break and beyond.

- For continued financial provision as Priscilla and I both have to take breaks from our paid jobs here.

- That God would give us patience, discipline and unity at home as we help the kids continue with their schoolwork virtually.

Be sure to check out our website at ivesmissions.com for more info, past updates, blog posts and a link to give in support of our ministry in Chihuahua.

Click the image below for our most recent service at Roca Norte!

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