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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Please take a look at these requests and updates from our Missionaries around the world and join with us in prayer for each one an their families.

Fabian and Jessica Martinez, San Juan Capistrano, USA

  • Working with the community in San Juan

  • They have not been able to do Calvary Kids but are continuing to minister to the families in the neighborhood one on one.

  • Prayer for ways to encourage them and for them to be able to watch online

Denise Carlsen - Northern Uganda, South Sudan

  • God is continuing to workin the midst of all this.

  • They were supposed to begin taking people back to South Sudan now that the peace has come however travel is now halted.

  • She had a cancer check up in Uganda that she was supposed to have in the US but the test did not come out well.

  • She has two new tumors and is trying to review it with her doctors here in the US.

  • We are trying to get her back to the US

Don and Marta Patten - Israel / Asia / Home based

  • The trip to Israel was very fruitful.  Many holocaust victims came to christ.

  • He is doing online teaching in South Asia

  • Pray for Don’s step-dad Larry who is critically ill with the COVID19 virus

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona

  • Ministering at a drug and rehab ministry

  • Only been there since October

  • Biggest prayer is for a break through 

  • So much alcoholism in the area, please pray for that

  • Most kids will be drug addicted by 15

  • 50% of the kids are molested in that community...

  • Want to see the Holy Spirit break through

  • Need God to break the strong holds

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico

  • Doing well as a family

  • People are not taking things seriously - more like 50/50

  • If this begins to spread it will become very difficult

  • The church is growing but now it’s difficult to start anything new due to the virus

  • John is limited on what he can do because he needs a translator to help him. He can only communicate once a week.

  • The area is very poor and people can’t stop working so it could become a huge problem

  • Allison - teaching English classes and started a women’s ministry.

  • The boys are doing well and adapting.

  • Noah is taking guitar and Johnny is taking drums.  The have a couple good friends.

Luis and Karol Sanchez - Antigua, Guatemala

  • Doing prayer meetings and worship online

  • Want to keep teaching the Word and training and equipping.

  • Had to stop classes for a couple of weeks. Trying to figure out how to use technology for this purpose.

  • They still have four students staying with them because they could not travel.

  • Pray for Antigua because everything is closed and people are losing their jobs. They depend on tourism so they are really suffering.

  • Pray as they figure out as a church how they can help the community

  • Praise the Lord their family is doing great!

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, MX

  • Ives family has been in MX for almost four years now

  • Serving at the University and looking for more opportunities

  • Started a church there about six months ago.

  • The virus has not hit as hard yet, there are only six cases so far

  • They are starting to shut things down and asking churches to close

  • Trying to figure out how to use technology best to minister to the people.

  • Last week they did a half and half service- half english, half spanish.

  • Praying about how to get more people involved without them having to come into the service.

  • They are having times of testimonies, Bible reading and having people send in little videos

  • Pray that God will use this to encourage the community and the church

  • People who would normally never listen to the Gospel are now open and willing to listen.

  • Praying God will use this to spread the Gospel in a greater way.

Pankaj and Tonielle Sakar - Kathmandu, Nepal

  • They are totally locked down and are not able to leave the house

  • Because of the lockdown, they are doing services on Facebook

  • Both the Bible College and School of Worship in Nepal are shut down

  • Pray as they are doing whatever they can online

  • There are six people from Seattle, WA that are stuck here.

  • Every flight has been canceled coming and going into Nepal

  • They are continuing to follow the Lord despite the anti-conversion law

Nate Cate - Brazil

  • Planted a church and bible school in Brazil and they have 9 kids

  • Their son Jeremiah’s shunt failed and they had to have brain surgery. He has had five in the last year, so please pray he will not need any more! It has been 8 weeks since the last surgery. The first six months is the most dangerous, so please be praying!

  • Family is currently in Florida on furlough until the end of July or beginning of August

  • Nathan is teaching a class on John through video which is sent to their church

  • God is doing things and it is exciting to see God working in and through their family and in Brazil

  • They are open to what ever the Lord would have 

Pete and Kendra Randall  - Edmonton, Canada

  • There is a lot of fear in regards to the Corona Virus

  • They only have about 400 cases in their province and only two deaths, but there is still a lot of fear

  • A lot of people coming from other countries and they have no hope. Many have never heard the Gospel before and are confused

  • They are feeling like the nation of Israel when they crossed the Jordan and God stopped them just before Jericho, but they are trusting the Lord

  • They are beginning to establish leadership there

  • Pray for new believers in the church and for some people who lost jobs this week

  • Pete is continuing to teach online

Rajiv KC  Nepal

  • He serves along with Pastor Pankaj teaching in the bible college- Translating, youth ministry, Discipling the youth

  • Since they can’t meet in person they are using messenger to connect with the youth

  • There are some young people from his former church that he is meeting with.

Chris and Rosalba Martinez Tijuana, MX

  • Not too many infected right now but everyone is locked down

  • They were contemplating on whether they should go back to the US as their insurance is all in the US

  • CC Tijuana is doing everything online. Over 2,000 people view online each week!

  • They have a great opportunity right now, so they are trying to keep things alive and moving.

  • They are bunkered down but able to reach a bigger audience

  • They are thankful for the goodness of God.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda

  • Just got back on the last flight out from Uganda

  • The women's hospital in Naluko opened three weeks ago- praise for that!

  • The church is doing really well.

  • They are in the poorest area in Uganda, so they have had challenges with the women coming to the hospital. People cannot afford to come for health care. Because of this, the hospital's fees are already low but they will have to lower it even more.

  • Pastor Jones is preparing for the virus to come to their area

  • There has been gunfire used to scare people into closing the shops that will not close down.

  • Inflation is out of control and food is really going to be an issue. Most people eat once a day and a very small amount at that.

  • They can’t get the operation theater open because the anesthesiologists cannot travel. Pray for the Lord to make a way for this!

Iram and Mayra Perez Tijuana, MX Chaplains

  • Since Feb. 25th the Chief of Police changed. That means we have to go back to the director and let him know who we are and ask for permission again to keep doing ministry. Montes is back in the command. Please pray for the ministry as this change occurs

  • They have to go back to the five stations and talk to every commandant

  • A lot of police officers know about the Chaplains ministry now which is opening up training of more chaplains

  • They have had nine confirmed cases in TJ and one death

  • It’s been different especially because they want to get out into the community.

  • Excited about being willing to share on live stream

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe, Midigo, Uganda

  • Public transport suspended

  • Trying to deal with the new laws

  • The health care workers do not have PPE’s

  • They were able to get some support to buy PPE’s from CCSJC

  • Inflation is out of control

  • In Kampala the police have engaged with people who refused to comply.

  • Private vehicles cannot have more than three people in it.

  • Boda Boda MC cannot take passengers

  • Last Sunday many people connected to the services at CCSJC, but it is a challenge with the internet and paying for airtime

  • Fearing that the crime rate will increase because people don’t have anything to eat.

  • Much of the church members do not have food, so they are trying to share what they have.

Cal and Jessie Stuebner, Managua, Nicaragua

  • Have a lot of elderly so they need God ’s protections

  • Government is not allowing the schools to shut down. They have to have permission, so pray for wisdom for this

  • Doing house visits at the door.

  • The borders are closed so food may become scarce

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda

  • Wisdom on how to minister to the people with the COVID19 restrictions

  • PPE’s for the hospital and medications

  • Strength and wisdom for the hospital staff should the virus take hold in Uganda

Majok Abraham Naluko, Uganda

  • Continued growth and commitment of all the new believers in his church (which is the majority of the 250 adults)

  • God’s provision for everyone during the lock down.

  • Protection upon all the members from the Corona Virus which is in their area already.

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger Iruma, Japan

  • Wisdom on how to minister to the body there.

  • Their family is all together in Japan now as they were able to get their daughter back to Japan.

  • Staying calm during the virus and lock down

  • Being able to help others in the body to give them peace.

  • Continuing the food ministry they have been doing in the community

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