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November 25, 2020 Praise Reports & Prayer Requests from Calvary Missions

Sherill Sedillo, Hearts4Africa & Majok Abraham - Naluko, Uganda

Praise Reports:

  • The church in Naluko is doing well. COVID has scared many people and it has brought new people to the church. They usually have 5 new people at each service. They have about 210 people that attend 3 different services.

  • A lot of babies are being born at the women’s hospital and 65% of the women that come in to give birth are not Christians.

  • The Muslim women that have come to the Lord are continuing to walk with the Lord and staying strong. They are even bringing their husbands to the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

  • Rest - they have been really busy

  • Keep their eyes on Christ and their minds focused on Him during this time.

  • Planning on visiting Buwama to help Pastor Charles with the new church plant. They will do evangelism and door to door ministry.

  • Peace in Iganga which is the neighboring city. They have seen some rioting there lately.

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda

Praise Reports:

  • Family is doing well

  • Students came back to the School of Ministry

Prayer for:

  • Decrease of Covid cases because they're on the rise

  • Wisdom to treat the sick. Many are testing negative but lungs are filling up and then die

  • Families that have lost loved ones to Covid that Juventine knows

  • The loneliness and desperation in the Covid wards.

  • Believers to continue to go into the Covid wards and share the Gospel with them

  • Protection for the staff and ministry teams against Covid

  • Violence would stop in the cities.

  • The person whose hand was shattered and the person that was shot in the stomach would be healed

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe, Buwama, Uganda

Praise Report:

  • Thanking God for protection from the unrest

Prayer for:

  • Peace to come to those that are angry with the government

  • God would lead and provide wisdom for the new church plant

  • Quick construction of the fellowship room for outreach

  • That they'd be able to start ministry before the building is complete

  • Protect ministry team that will go house to house

  • Documents for the church and clinic would go through quickly

  • Starting medical services ASAP

  • Looking for a new radio station to teach on

Cal and Jessie Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua

Praise Reports:

  • Pastor Mike had a fruitful trip to give out food and supplies to people hit by the hurricane

  • People were generous in providing boat motors and chainsaws

  • Pastor Mike will go out again to distribute 4 tons of food

  • Jessica got a day of rest

  • The new bridges that were built because of the last hurricane are still standing


  • Pastors Mike and Cal can find places closer to the church where they can distribute food and supplies

  • Jessica needs continued strength and wisdom for online teaching

  • Children's ministry can start soon

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico

Praise Report:

  • People are coming to Sunday services again

Prayer for:

  • Jon and Allison to increase in Spanish fluency to teach

  • Wednesday night service because people aren't coming

  • Seeking the Lord whether to continue during Covid

  • Women's study. Will be starting after holidays.

  • Jonny and Noah to get good friends and increase in Spanish

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona

Prayer for:

  • Holy Spirit to breakthrough on the reservation.

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