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November 30, 2020 Praise Reports & Prayer Requests from Calvary Missions

Pastor Dan Bolinger - Iruma, Japan

-Pray that we will exclaim the proclamation of God's Son as the Savior who came into the world to bring peace to mankind and to let us know he's not done yet.

-Pray for the Women's Bible study to have a great Christmas Lunch. Mihoko has many ladies surprisingly sign up.

-Pray for a kids Christmas Party that we haven't planned yet.

-Pray for the English classes. It is one of those necessary things to have relationships with the surrounding community and to help pay the bills. Pray that God will change my heart and use me in the lives of these Children.

-Pray for the Bible study and Sundays. We've had a few new people come and hang out. One family is having a hard time and I really want to bless them.

-Pray for the husbands to plug into the studies and prayer.

God bless


Paul & Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda


1. Due to Covid, good things have come out of it for us. a) Because churches are mostly still closed because of Covid, we have been able to concentrate on the construction of Calvary Chapel Kigali's 2 1/2 story offices, including residences for us and visitor's too. b) also able to continue to concentrate on the translation projects we have for Training Pastors and basic Discipleship materials, including a new local language New Testament in easier language, Thanks for SJC for helping get some of these translations done.

2) An opening has come this week to finalize a partnership with Prison Fellowship (Rwanda) to work with them in the country's prison and refugee camps here. We will be engaging in ministry, as well, be supplying the prisons and refugee Camps with English and local language books with local Bibles to establish Libraries and discipleship events within them.

3) The Government of the District of Rulindo where the second CC Church plant is in Shyorongi, has opened up a cooperative partnership with us to do extensive Literacy work throughout all of it's 37 Sectors, including 5 schools and over 100 community bases libraries. We will provide donated books from England publishers we get for free as well and monitor the usage of the books in ECD (Early Childhood Development Centers). More Info to follow.

4) Two of our Pastor trainees, Peter and Ley-Andrew, were sent to a CC School of Ministry in CC Jinja, Uganda for a year, and will soon be returning back in a month or so. They will continue their training with us to help in CC Shyorongi ministering through Discipleship Training and Preaching.


1) Pray for our personal rest and peace, as we are often very busy with long hours and working 7 days a week. We have started to close off all activities on Sundays and stay home as much as possible to rest and take life slow and easy.

2) Pray Especially for Elizabeth as she is doing most of the negotiations and dealings with the local businesses in most everything, especially for construction supplies due to knowing the language and culture. She does an awesome job.

3) Pray For the Prison Fellowship Partnership to be a great relationship and open doors to minister to those in need.

4) Pray for Relationship with the District of Rulindo in the same way, a great relationship and open doors to plant a couple more CC Church plants in the next 5 years. We are buying some property there so we can get out of the rental hall there and be established for years to come in a stable location.

5) Pray for our two pastor trainees here in Kigali, Elijah and Janvier, to embrace the ministry and be acceptable to the CC church family of Shyorongi District. They have very good character and spiritual aptitudes.

God Bless you all and we hope to see you soon...

Paul & Elizabeth

Denise Carlsen - Northern Uganda and South Sudanese Refugee Camps

Praise: I am back home and happy to be here, serving God. This Christmas Holiday we will be having a Christmas blessing, dinner for the 97 police and their families..

Praise: We have also been blessed to give each police family a Bible. Even the muslim police that I know enjoy reading the Word.

Pray: That the Word of God saturates the hearts of the police and their families as they prepare for the Presidential elections.

Pray: More muslims come to know Christ and that the Divine appointments and the open doors God continues to bless me with regarding the muslims and the unreached tribes produce fruit

of a harvest.

Pray: The War in South Sudan stop and a window for us to go back in opens.

Pray: God prepares the hearts of the unreached tribes in Sudan.

Pray: For the South Sudanese in the Refugee Camps, and that the South Sudanese women leaders ministry and Biblical Counseling Training that both start in January are radically received,

and that the Holy Spirit teach all of them the truth! Pray for the funds for the Women's Leaders training.

Thank you for your prayers, God always gets the glory. I just love HIM so much.

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