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Praise Report from Denise Carlsen!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

What a blessing to be part of a Church that is so radical in its care for the missionaries. Thank you. This gives me so much encouragement to serve radically.I am back in USA (thank you ccsjc), I have a great place to stay for quarantine (thank you ccsjc) and I have Doctors appointments ready!

The surgeon and the diagnostics will not see me until after quarantine because I came in from another country. I have appointments starting April 22.  Whatever happens at the appointments I will be fine with. The first time I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 2 but aggressive was in Africa (what an experience!) I was able to get back to the USA and I thank God for it because it allowed me to spend the last two months of my Dads life with him, he died of cancer. God had plans, just like He has awesome plans right now, for all of this, the virus, the cancer, everything. So many people are coming to know and love Jesus during this crisis! 

I am so excited about Gods plans and how God is going to use me this time! AMEN- I am like a kid in a candy store for what He has planned for the Church, for us right now!!! I'm taking this time to rest and to prepare presentations of the amazing opportunities we have in Missions! I can't wait to meet with everyone and share. Lots of blessings, love and gratitude, Denise

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