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Prayer Requests 1/26/2021

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger - Iruma, Japan

Prayer Requests:

God is good and we are doing well. Nathan 22 started the year as a CBU (California Baptist University) student but is staying in Japan and began his classes online. Rachel 19 has continued her online classes also at CBU. Jane started the year with a big change by stepping out of the CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan) High School and transferring to Calvary Prep online high school. It has been a healthy change for Jane at this time. But this brings a new challenge into our family life as all three adults live and study and eat 24/7 in our house. It's been a time of adjustment. Our situation here in Iruma might be changing and we are looking for a new place again. Pray for us to find a place to continue serving Jesus here in Japan. We are still planning on coming in summer to California but we have not given any thought about the timing of it all.

  • Pray for finding a new place to live

  • Pray for the kids' studies

  • Pray for Mihoko's women's Bible study to nourish.

  • Pray for Dan's teaching in Japanese to improve.

  • Pray for our summer plans to fall into place.

  • Pray for provision.

  • Pray for a pastor's son in Okinawa who has a tumor

  • Pray for a pastor in northern Japan who is having heart issues.

  • Pray for someone who had a car accident and they didn't have the proper insurance

  • Pray for all the churches to continue to be blessed. Pray for an outpouring of the holy spirit in Japan.

Denise Carlsen - Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan

This video has quite a story and journey behind it. I just got access to it, it is from 2018! Gods, timing. Here's the link:

https://youtu.be/T9WhyZzXzeo This will show you just a little bit of what we have been doing here in South Sudan Refugee Camps here in N Uganda for the past 5 years and what we are preparing to do in N South Sudan and in Sudan.

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