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Prayer Requests 1/8/21

Majok Abraham - Naluko, Uganda

  1. Pray for the coming Ugandan elections on the 14.01.2021

  2. Protection from Covid 19 to all the church members. And everyone from the village.

  3. Pray for the construction of the new church building in the new land that God provides.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda

  1. We need to refocus to have our personal and couples devotion time as we are running non stop every day from 8am till 7-9pm for the last 9 months. We've been very busy these days even though all public ministries are closed due to Covid.

  2. The Government in one District wants us to be involved in 400 Early Children Development centers (ECD). We are praying the Lord to RELEASE US FROM THIS BURDEN because in Africa it’s very difficult to say NO to any such request without serious consequences against us as individuals and the CC ministry, especially when we need there approval and support in the registration of Calvary Chapel in this country and within their district

  3. Pray for Paul’s knees as he is having problems more increasingly in walking and severe pain. He needs new knees but is spending too much time walking and working with minimal rest.

Thanks Paul & Elizabeth Johnson In Rwanda

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe, CC Buwama, Uganda

Praise report: God enabled me to share the gospel with one of the witch doctor in the village of Buwama. He only requested me to pray for his condition as he feels that Jesus can heal him not the demons that he had served for the past many years! Prayer needs:

  1. Continue to pray for more people to come to Christ, growth of the new believers and many who got saved are not coming to church due to family intimidations,

  2. God to protect my family and Church against angry religious conservatives and witch doctors

  3. Provision for the construction completion of the Clinic building

  4. Worship leader to lead the praise and worship sessions and an instrumentist. Currently my daughter Esther is playing the guitar and Joshua playing the local drums, but they will soon be going back to school

  5. Peaceful elections next week

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