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Prayer Requests 2/4/2021

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda


Please pray for us. We were transferring a child to Kampala for heart surgery. Our driver was involved in a fatal accident and died instantly.

Majok and Dr Jones were very helpful. Two of our senior nurses had fractures and their surgeries are tomorrow.

The ambulance is written off.

Rajiv KC - Kathmandu, Nepal


  1. Please Pray for God’s wisdom and strength to lead youth, worship team as well to teach and preach at church.

  2. Pray for the strength on my back.

  3. Pray for wisdom and knowledge to start the coffee shop.

  4. Pray for my Dad’s salvation, sister’s work and safety over there.

Thank you! Will see soon may be next week.

Irám and Mayra Perez Tijuana, Mexico


Please pray for Chaplains in Tijuana. On March 20th, we are going to start training new Chaplains

  • we are transitioning to online training program

  • we want to reach all police stations in Tijuana (5 out of 11 so far. We are expectant of what God is going to do next through this ministry in Mexico!

Pray for Mayra's pregnancy.

Pray for their living situation.


In His Grace

Irám Pérez

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda


  • Pray that the NGO gets done while she’s there. We are attempting to switch to an International NGO as opposed to the Ugandan NGO. This will allow us more control and also it will allow us to have one Board of Directors, thereby eliminating the African/Ugandan Board of Directors. We have been working on this for a long time. It’s a slow process in Uganda and it became even slower with the Covid pandemic and then the Ugandan elections.

  • Please pray for our employee/friend Junior. We have supported him for years and he now works for H4A. Ever since we’ve known him he has had stomach issues that have plagued him. Finally, Sherill has arranged for him to see a specialist in Kampala and she is taking him in for a colonoscopy. He’s really nervous and scared about it but hopefully it will shed some light on what his condition is.

  • Pray that Sherill's projects and activities go well.

  • Sherill's safety

  • The solar installation quote would get finalized and be within the budget.

  • Finances would be enough

  • Wisdom and provision for the in patient expansion

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe - Buwama, Uganda


  • Thank you for the prayers as the new fellowship of Calvary Chapel Buwama is growing and believers have the hunger for fellowship and the study of the word of God.

  • God will grow the new believers, save more people, effective weekly home visits as the opportunity to share the gospel, protection of my family and church against the angry witch doctors and religious conservatives, provision for the completion of the Clinic building to start medical work that will be a huge opportunity to share the gospel of Christ

  • Worship leader, a man to stand with me in doing ministry including weekly believers classes, midweek and Sunday services

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


  • People are afraid to return to church. There's a lot of Covid fear. Pray for the body that they wouldn't be overcome by fear.

  • Praying that they would maintain their relationship with the Lord and not become discouraged.

  • Praying people would move forward and grow.

  • Oaxaca might be going back to red. Praying it wouldn't happen, but if it does that the church would remain open for a couple more weeks.

Gary and Carol Kusunoki


  • God's wisdom and clarity on their next steps

  • Needs direction on whether to be under a ministry or start a new one.

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, Mexico


  • Priscilla is doing better.

  • Baby and kids are doing well.


  • Pray for the kids, they need to work hard to catch up in homeschooling.

  • Pray they can meet for in-person church this next Sunday.

  • Pray for those that will continue to watch the service online that they would have focus.

  • They are still looking for a building. The Lord still needs to provide the money because they don't have it. They are encouraged by the options. They still need to narrow down their search to 3-5 options.

  • Need wisdom on how to disciple the people - doing more one on one to be able to go in depth.

  • They're in the process of setting up people to serve even though they can't meet in person by using more social media. Want to use social media to reach the lost.

Cal and Jessica Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua


  • Front half of the Sunday School is completed.

  • They have a couple of new people coming to church.

  • Jessica and Cal's health continues to be good.


  • They started on the back half of the Sunday School and are tearing down the ceiling tiles to repair leaks.

  • Need to buy low energy lights at a good price because electricity is three times more expensive there than here. Their rainy season starts in May.

  • 1/2 the people are coming back, but they're afraid.

  • Praying that the government will not shut down NGO's.

  • They're ok with the restrictions, as long as they're able to give out the Gospel.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda


  • They just finished a really restrictive lockdown and are now entering a partial lockdown. After that Kigali may reopen slowly.

  • Still trying to finish construction.

  • The travelling Covid guidelines are very restrictive. If you test positive, you could end up in a hospital or end up quarantining in a hotel at your own expense. Praying they don't have to do either.

  • They're taking on two families and two guys. One family, Gene and Jane with two kids will be working and helping out.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona


  • Mark has been able to remain in contact with Wacey. His sinus surgery went well.


  • The reservation churches can reopen, but we have not heard whether the Hope Center has chosen to reopen.

  • That the churches that have the open door to teach, would teach the word of God.

  • People would get saved, discipled, and walk in the ways of the Lord.

  • That the addictions of drugs, alcohol, porn and food would be broken.

  • Mark's 87 year old father's back surgery on February 9th would be a success.

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