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Prayer Requests and Praise Reports 12/3/2020

Punkaj & Tonielle Sarkar - Kathmandu, Nepal


· 5 year old Levi's migraine is gone for now.


· That doctors would figure out why Levi gets migraines.

· That 2021 allows Nepal to be more open so that they can do pastor training in three different places.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


  • Looking for land for the church in Oaxaca city

  • Looking for land for a drug and alcohol house treatment center outside the city.

  • Would like to start a Bible College. Would need other missionaries to come alongside to help, so it would combat false doctrines. The biggest churches there are prosperity churches.

  • Jon needs a healing for a chronic sore throat.

  • Anointing on Women's Outreach Fellowship next week. That there'd be no with Covid. That women would understand that Jesus isn't just for Christmas but for everyday life.

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, Mexico


  • Tim had his last video classes for the semester


  • Need wisdom regarding family and church because Covid is so bad there right now.

  • Needs to know when to reopen the church.

  • Chihuahua needs Covid to retreat. All hospitals are filled up and have waiting lists.

  • Need prayer for the worship leader who's a doctor and working 12 to 15 hours a day doing house calls. He needs prayer for protection.

  • That the Lord would guard Priscilla's health. If she has Covid at the time of delivery, it will cost $3,000.

  • Pricilla's due date is no later than 1/14/21.

  • Looking for a building to have church. They currently don't have a place to meet.

  • Need direction regarding his schedule. Praying the Lord shows him whether to keep teaching or not.

  • Need wisdom on raising up leadership. He's got a few guys to start the process with.

Cal and Jessie Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua


  • No one from church has died of Covid.


  • Needs wisdom on when to come to the U.S. because of Covid. Wants to be able to travel freely. Praying about June 2021. Hasn't seen his mother in two years.

  • Needs God's protection and grace on their NGO. Government is shutting down NGO's.

  • Needs direction on the $5,000 they've received and the distribution on the Spanish Bibles.

  • Supply outreach. Wisdom for Mike and to be Spirit lead and bold in faith to share the word.

  • The school where Jessica teaches needs a new principal.

  • Pray people would return to the church.

  • Would continue to make good progress on the Children's ministry building

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe, Buwama, Uganda


  • For quick construction of the fellowship building and the clinic

  • Documents for the church and clinic would go through quickly

  • For starting medical services ASAP

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona


  • That those addicted to drugs and alcohol would be delivered by God

  • That the Holy Spirit would do a great work on the reservation

Gary and Carol Kusunoki


  • Silverado and neighboring canyons would not burn

  • Pray for those that are sick at Calvary Chapel SJC

  • Gary's shoulder would be healed and not need surgery

  • Carol's heart would be healed

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda


  • Decrease of Covid cases

  • Wisdom to treat the sick.

  • Protection for the staff and ministry teams against Covid

  • Violence would stop in the cities.

  • Juventine's land court case, which will happen between Dec 8-12.

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