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Prayer Requests and Praise Reports 3/12/2021

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda


  • For the family of the ambulance driver that passed away. Praying the family will be agreeable with the amount they are presenting to them.

  • For his daughter Diana who needs to be healed of Malaria, which she's had for three weeks. Treatments only work for a couple of days. She's weary and tired.

  • The church reopened. Praying for passion and commitment to those that are lost.

  • For the students to stay the course and graduate in May. They are getting fatigued.

  • For the outreach team of 22 people going to a neighboring village to share the Gospel. Praying that God will use them and protect them as we reach out to that village.

  • The prisons are asking them to come and teach. The government doesn't want them to, but they want to go. Praying for grace and funds.

  • Please pray for my family. They need wisdom on where to serve, on what they should and shouldn't do. Sometimes they are tired from serving.

  • Praying the family stays healthy.

  • Pray for his wife Elizabeth who has a girl's disciple class of 14 to 19 year olds.

  • Funding for the School of Ministry.

  • Internet issues get resolved.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


  • Money for the land is being released soon.


  • Jon met with another attorney today. He's met with a few already and is praying this is the right one.

  • Pray that this attorney is affordable.

  • Jon is ordaining Petro this Sunday.

  • Allison is having sign ups this Sunday for the Women's Bible Study.

Cal and Jessica Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua


  • They're in their last two days of prep on the Sunday School Building. They're opening it up to the kids this Sunday.


  • Pray for mini-conference at Jessica's school. Cal is teaching two sessions. One to high schoolers and the other to the mid-schoolers. Pray for Cal as he's teaching on good works.

  • They're in an election year, so they are coming down hard on the NGO's. They will now have to declare when money is sent to them and how the money will be used.

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, Mexico


  • God has already provided half of the money needed for the new church building. Still praying for the other half of the money.

  • They discovered a carbon monoxide leak in their home with their water heater. The owner replaced it with an electric one. Pray that there will be no long term effect on the family.

  • More people are coming to the in-person church and online church. Praying for the next steps because they're packed into an office for church services.


  • Please pray the kids would get caught up on their homeschooling.

  • Praying for wisdom to be purposeful to raise up leaders. Praying their hearts are ready and pursuing Jesus on their own.

Denise Carlsen - Northern Uganda and South Sudan


  • Prayers that God continues to open the doors and keep Denise safe if it is His will.

  • Prayers that she don't get stuck in South Sudan or Sudan.

  • Especially need prayers for the 40 unreached tribes that need to hear about the love of God!

Gary and Carol Kusunoki, Anchored International Relief


  • Anchored International Relief is in the process of establishing a 501c3. Please pray that the process would go smoothly and quickly and not take 9 months.

  • Need prayer for Uganda missions trip this May and June. Right now 21 people are planning to go. Please pray for logistics, multiple Covid testing, and that the team would be used mightily by God.

  • Gary and Carol are planning to be there 6-8 weeks.

  • Pray that Uganda stays open. They are planning a pastors conference that will include wives. The pastors from other countries may not be able to come because of the expense of Covid testing coming and going into Uganda.

  • Need prayer for Carol's coronary spasms. They have started up again.

  • Gary needs surgery on his right shoulder. It's a 9-week recovery.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda


  • Pray for the wisdom and provision of expanding the hospital.

  • That all Sherill's outstanding projects would be completed before she returns.

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe - Buwama, Uganda

Prayer needs:

  • Growth of new believers and salvation of more souls.

  • Courage of the new believers to come to church against family intimidation.

  • My wife Levenia has very painful arthritis. Pray for God’s healing.

  • God’s wisdom and leading as we lead the fellowship/ Church.

  • God’s provision for the family and ministry needs.

  • A right person to play the church equipment and lead the worship during the church service.

  • Provision for the completion of the Clinic building to treat the sick and an expanded opportunity of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Luis and Karol Sanchez - Antigua, Guatemala


  • Praise report. My brother-in-law lost his job a year ago because of the pandemic. He got a new job at a bank. It is a very good job.

Please be praying for,

  • Karol´s health. She is still struggling with some hormonal disorders. Nothing big but still uncomfortable.

  • Our children. Martin and Matias as they do their best in their studies. 8th and 5th grade.

  • Our church, as we keep teaching the Word of God to our community. We need more hands in the different ministries.

  • Our Bible Institute and our students. Their next class will be Kings of Israel. (1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings and 1-2 Chronicles)

Rajiv KC - Kathmandu, Nepal


  • For the Coffee Shop. Wisdom to open it and that the Lord would really use it for outreach and discipleship.

  • Keep praying for wisdom and humility to lead youths, teach and preach at church.

  • Keep praying for dad’s salvation,

  • Keep praying for the strength for my back so that I would be able to go different places in upcoming pastors and leaders training.

  • Teaching the Book of Joshua at bible college so keep praying for the strength and knowledge.

Punkaj & Tonielle Sarkar - Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Please continue to pray for us to find the perfect car for our family.

  • Pray for the School of Worship and Bible College students and teachers as they get back into the swing of things.

  • Wisdom in planning and for financial provisions for pastoral training classes in a few villages around Nepal.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda


  • They leave for Canada April 15th. They want to get far enough along with the construction that they can lock it down before they leave.

  • They may not go to Canada because of the strict Covid restrictions. There are mandatory 3-day stays at Covid hotels that may be costly. Then they will still have to quarantine, after the 3-days.

  • If they don't go to Canada, pray that Paul can get a Rwanda driver's license.

  • Please pray for their personal fatigue. They've been working nearly seven days a week (morning to dusk) since Fall of 2019. They're 95% complete, but they need a rest.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona


  • For the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the kids that will start Sunday School this Sunday. Praying for all of them to come to the Lord and get discipled. Most never come a second time.

  • That the addictions of drugs, alcohol, porn and food would be broken.

  • People would get saved, discipled, and walk in the ways of the Lord.

Irám and Mayra Perez Tijuana, Mexico


  • Please pray for Chaplains in Tijuana. On March 20th, we are going to start training new Chaplains

  • We are transitioning to online training program

  • We want to reach all police stations in Tijuana (5 out of 11 so far). We are expectant of what God is going to do next through this ministry in Mexico!

  • Pray for Mayra's pregnancy.

  • Pray for their living situation

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