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Prayer Requests from the Bolingers

Thank you for praying. Rachel and Dan have a doctor appointment on May 19th. The hospital is in downtown Tokyo. Pray for safety and protection as they travel and attend this appointment.

We are praying about when to start church again in our home. If it were in another facility, we would feel more at peace, but having persons in your home when you don't know who they have interacted with is a little risky.

I have started my English school and it's nice to have the kids come and unleash that energy while learning English. Pray as to when to start other Bible studies and ministries.

Pray for our media situation. I made a You Tube video and it took 6 hours plus to render it. Pray for continued health and wisdom regarding the days we are living in. Pray that the You Tube content is seen by many!

Thank you for praying. 

- The Bolingers

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