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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports 1/14/21

Luis and Karol Sanchez - Antigua, Guatemala Prayers:

· Please pray for a woman named Ana from our church. Her oldest daughter, with special needs, passed away this morning.

· Also pray for our new semester starting Jan 28. We only have 4 students, but we trust the Lord will be exalted in and through them.

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe - Buwama, Uganda


· God has provided for the completion of temporary church building


· Peaceful parliamentary and presidential elections

· Growth of new believers and those who got saved to come to church in spite of family threats and intimidation

· Fruitful home visits that I make to selected homes

· God's provision for the completion of the Clinic building for expanded gospel sharing to patients and their attendants

· Worship leader and instrumentist for the worship ministry

· Wisdom and God's leading in the new work at Buwama

· Provision and protection upon the church and my family

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger - Iruma Japan


· Continued prayer for online services

· They had two for ladies in their prayer meeting

· They've added English classes on Saturday

· Need to make a change in Jane's schooling

· Going into another lockdown

Punkaj & Tonielle Sarkar - Kathmandu, Nepal


· They need prayer for an important meeting coming up

· They haven't heard from the Nepal embassy for guidelines for travel

· Guidance on parenting

Rajiv KC - Kathmandu, Nepal


· Thankful for the goodness of God


· Meeting the youth this Saturday. Wants God to show him how to lead, love them and disciple them

· Need guidance when to start Bible College

· Need wisdom for all the leaders and how to move forward

· Waiting on the government to provide guidelines for church gatherings. People are still dying from Covid

· Need wisdom and direction for the coffee shop, how to reach the people

· Rajiv is starting his Master Class next week.

· Continued healing of his back. Feels discouraged because of his back. Having a hard time saying no, so he doesn't and then his back will hurt.

· Praying his Dad gets saved.

· Continued protection on his sister and her citizenship paperwork.

· In their culture, it will fall upon Rajiv to care for his parents, so that's coming up.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


  • Allison and the kids are ready to be home and back to Oaxaca but they've really been blessed by this trip.


  • To get the construction done on the new Sunday School room.

  • Need more people with a desire to serve in the children’s ministry. We are so blessed to have so many who serve in the church, but we have a need for more with the kiddos.

  • Also, safety and a great last few days for the boys and me in California.

  • Prayer for Allison's mom’s mom. She’s not doing well with dementia and it’s hard on her mom. She hasn’t seen her since October 2019 because of Covid.

Cal and Jessie Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua


· Cal is getting better from Covid, symptoms are gone, just tired.


· Cal is staying away from Jessica to honor the Covid restrictions.

· The Church had to be closed last week, and it will remain closed this week. Pray they can reopen after that.

· Jessica's in quarantine too. The start of school is delayed because of Covid. She has decided to delay her Creation class until the next semester.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda


· Moving into their new building in two weeks.


· The Government in one District wants us to be involved in 400 Early Children Development centers (ECD). We are praying the Lord to RELEASE US FROM THIS BURDEN because in Africa it’s very difficult to say NO to any such request without serious consequences against us as individuals and the CC ministry, especially when we need their approval and support in the registration of Calvary Chapel in this country and within their district

· Pray for Paul’s knees as he is having problems more increasingly in walking and severe pain. He needs new knees but is spending too much time walking and working with minimal rest.

· Needs to renew his Canadian driver's license. He can't do that online, so he'll have to return to Canada and it's a 10-hour flight that will be really hard on his knees.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda


· Got $3,000 for a new autoclave from the medical team coming in March.

· Sherill will be returning to Uganda 2/2/21 and will stay until 3/29/21.

· They like Juventine's solar installer, who's more technically minded. Praying that the revised quote will be in their budget.

· That there'd be no election violence. The Internet has been turned off for two days and should be turned back on Friday.

· Majok said police are everywhere.

· Sherill is trying to get a grant for $25,000 for Hearts4Africa.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona


· Got to share the Lord with a 15 year old for 2.5 hours.


· Mark's 88 year old father is having back surgery February 9th. One doctor told him he shouldn't be having surgery at his age, but he's in pain and falling nearly every day.

· That those on the reservation addicted to drugs and alcohol would be delivered by God

· That the Holy Spirit would do a great work on the reservation.

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