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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports 1/7/21

Nathan and Dani Cate - Sao Paola, Brazil


1. The Bible school starts up again in a few weeks. Pray for the staff as they plan and get started and that the students hearts would be open to learn and grow in the Lord.

2. Pray for wisdom and direction for both the ministry and for our family. We have loved being back in Brazil but we feel a stirring that the Lord has something new on the horizon.

3. Please pray for Jeremiah and his health. Nathan, Jer, Grace, and Hope will be making a very quick trip to the states from January 22-30th. They will have 10 doctor appointments while they are there. Including an appointment for Jer with his Neurosurgeon and a MRI.

4. Please pray for safety. We have seen some extra violence in the village by the Bible school property. Several murders since we have been back.

5. Pray for the hospitals as they are currently overrun and filled. (This can be extra scary for us as parents of a son with hydrocephalus.)

6. Pray that the Lord will continue to use the good, the bad, and the difficult moments for His glory and for our growth.

We love and miss you guys!!!

Nate and Dani and kids

Pete and Kendra Randall - Edmonton, Canada


• Biggest prayer requests are: 1) that God’s people would have the joy of the Lord. 2) a place for us to meet for church

• Currently, the government has asked people to call the police when they see their neighbors have more than six people gathered in a home. The police will arrest them.

Irám and Mayra Perez Tijuana, Mexico


• Mayra is eight weeks pregnant.


• Iram's landlord decided to turn the apartments where he lives into AirBNB's. Pray Irám will be able to buy property. They are $2,500 short and need to make $500 a month payments. Total cost is $19,000 for the bare land.

Chris Martinez - Tijuana, Mexico


• Chaplains are having a graduation this month probably on Zoom.

• Another group of students ready to go through the next Chaplaincy program.


• Wisdom with how to deal with Covid. Covid numbers are high and hospitals are running out of room. They are back to online church.

Punkaj & Tonielle Sarkar - Kathmandu, Nepal


• They have two more weeks in California.

• They found a place to test for Covid before their flight.

• A friend of theirs emailed to say that the restrictions in Kathmandu are being lifted.


• They need to gather all the paperwork they need to travel.

• Eden has a head cold. She's already had Covid. She's a little grumpy being sick so they need patience.

• That their meetings would be fruitful.

Rajiv KC - Kathmandu, Nepal


• Visited with a missionary family

• Thankful for the goodness of God


• Wants to be where God leads.

• Wants to be focused and have his mind on Jesus.

• Wants to be focused on the Word, and grow in the Word, in love, and relationship with the Lord.

• Starting Bible College in person in February.

• Pastor Training: Praying on how to reach them.

• Church will start in person soon. Need to get letters from the city government. Need wisdom to reopen.

• Election is happening soon. It may impact how they reopen.

• Praying his Dad gets saved.

• Continued protection on his sister.

• Continued healing of his back.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


• The church is still open.


• That Jon and James would have a safe return to Oaxaca today. Protection from Covid.

• That Allison and the boys would continue to enjoy their time and be kept safe from Covid.

• That the church would continue to overcome.

Cal and Jessie Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua


• For their friend Robert who's a prayer warrior. He took them to the airport and stayed there until they were on their flight in case something went wrong, which did. Airlines didn't recognize Cal's ticket. Jessica was going to have to take the flight without Cal because she had to be back for work.

• They're super grateful for all God's intervention and His faithfulness because at the last minute Cal was able to board the flight. If he was kept back from his flight, he would have had to get retested for Covid for the next flight so he would have been delayed a couple of days.


• On Monday, Jessica starts teaching a class on evolution. She wants to really prepare the students to not fall away when they go to university.

• Still getting the other building ready for Sunday School.

• Needs God's wisdom for an overbearing government. Really wants to honor God without triggering the government.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda


• Needs wisdom and direction for Hearts 4 Africa on whether to stay a local NGO or change to an International NGO or business not-for-profit and for the incorporation process to go smoothly.

• Needs wisdom and direction on the hospital facility. Should they build an inpatient hospital? Needs Lord to provide the funds if He wants it built.

• For the Lord to bring someone to Sherill to pass the baton to when it's the right time.

• For the Lord to bring the right anesthetist and ultrasound tech.

• That the Ugandan elections that lives would not be lost.

• That the current projects in Uganda would continue smoothly, which are the three wells, guest housing, guest dining, new pit latrine and new septic tank.

• Solar to be started in February 2021. Waiting on a quote from Juventine's solar people.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona


• Mark was able to find a cord of wood for Paul and his family. It's being delivered this morning.


• Mark's 88 year old father is having back surgery February 9th. One doctor told him he shouldn't be having surgery at his age, but he's in pain and falling nearly every day.

• That those on the reservation addicted to drugs and alcohol would be delivered by God

• That the Holy Spirit would do a great work on the reservation.

Gary and Carol Kusunoki


• Carol's sister (who knows the Lord) died, She had asked Gary to do the funeral service and wanted Gary to preach the Gospel so that her family might get saved.

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda


• God has spared them from Covid. Praying for continued protection.

• Kid's will be going back to school soon.


• Students will be returning to Bible School. Praying for open hearts to be discipled.

• Election is next week. People are afraid and some are leaving because of anticipated violence. Pray for peace.

• Trying to get an ultrasound machine from Germany. Pray for safe delivery of the unit. Need an ultrasound tech. They are praying about a friend's daughter who is a new graduate. Praying it's of the Lord.

• Pray for the land court case to be resolved. It has been postponed to 3/31/21.

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