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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports 12/11/2020

Mike and Sherill Sedillo - Naluko, Uganda

  • Praise: Their attorney finished his law license, so he's working on our case.

  • Pray: For direction on whether to expand the hospital.

  • Pray: That someone will come alongside to help Sherill

  • Pray: For Uganda elections

  • Pray: Anxious to get back to Uganda, but praying when to go back. It might be unsafe because of the elections.

  • Pray: That the ongoing projects will continue in her absence.

  • Pray: Re: Zoom meeting with Richard on Monday. They need to clarify what equipment they need, type of batteries, etc. They were reviewing three bids with different types of equipment and are trying to figure out just what they need.

Pankaj & Tonielle Sarkar - Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Praise: Levi's headaches are gone. Being led by prayer, went to the chiropractor and he adjusted his neck and he said his top two vertebrae were really out of adjustment.

  • Pray: God would heal Tonielle's eye blood vessels that burst

  • Pray: God would give wisdom for all the future ministries. How to reopen.

  • Pray: God would open or close doors if they are to share while they're here.

Gary and Carol Kusunoki

  • Pray: Both of them would be healed from their viruses. It's affecting Gary's asthma, but he's responding to meds. They’re exhausted. Pray for energy. Planning to go back to church on Sunday.

Chris Martinez - Tijuana, Mexico

  • Pray: Tijuana went back into the red. Hospitals have run out of oxygen. People are dying for lack of treatment. Ambulance driver said he has had people die on the way to the hospital and waiting to get in.

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Pray: Priscilla needs to stay healthy because if she has covid during delivery it will be $3,000.

Rajiv K.C. - Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Praise: God healed him from Covid. Strength has returned.

  • Praise: Found a new chiropractor. Rajiv committed to treatment everyday for a month. Pray he gets better, because his back has gotten worse.

  • Praise: Ministry is going good.

  • Pray: We are planning a Christmas program. Country is reopening, but the government hasn’t reopened churches yet.

  • Pray: They’re planning to reopen the church. Pray they will be Covid safe. Looking forward to meeting in person.

  • Pray: For her safety from Covid. Lockdown again. His sister is thankful her Finland Interview went well.

  • Pray: Father’s salvation

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda

  • Praise: Enjoying seeing people come back to church

  • Praise: Thanking God for His protection from Covid on his staff.

  • Pray: Continued staff protection from Covid. Kampala hospitals are full. Pray there will be ICU beds open in the future.

  • Pray: Tue, 12/15/20 court case for the land scam. They assigned a new attorney and it keeps postponing the case. Just wants it to be over.

  • Pray: Today they have a day seminar on marriage.

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe, Buwama, Uganda

  • Praise: Using a temporary structure as a sanctuary which should be completed by next week. Fellowship hall can be used but not completed.

  • Praise: Legal clearance from administration. Muslim leader excited about the medical program. He was ok for starting the church.

  • Praise: Communities are excited about the medical clinic coming. Will start when the clinic is complete.

  • Pray: Fellowship team is coming next week. Pray for the team of 20 and that their needs would be met.

  • Pray: Needs a home to rent near the church. God will give them peace as they start the new ministry in Buwama.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Praise: Women’s devotional this Saturday.

  • Pray: Devotion would bless the women. Needs courage to ask for more help.

  • Pray: Jon needs wisdom and confirmation on whether to ordain someone in the fellowship.

  • Pray: For men’s home. Would need to purchase property.

  • Pray: For land in the city to purchase for church

  • Pray: Wants to start a Bible College. Would need other missionaries to help with this.

  • Pray: Wants to begin discipling

  • Pray: Need to be led by God in all areas.

Cal and Jessie Stuebner - Managua, Nicaragua

  • Praise: Going to California for Christmas for three weeks. Very excited. Cal gets to see his mom who he hasn't seen in two years. Looks forward to being in church. Arriving 12/16/20.

  • Praise: Had their first Sunday School last Sunday.

  • Pray: They can get back into the country after their trip.

  • Pray: Protection over all their buildings. Putting up more razor wire, because people have been breaking into the neighboring areas.

  • Pray: For Jessica, it's a pressure time for her with last week of school before vacation.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - White Mountain Apache Reservation

  • Praise: Mark is discipling a young man who is thirsty for the Lord. He's been sober for about a year.

  • Pray: For sobriety on the reservation

  • Pray: For the young people that have been sexually molested.

  • Pray: People would respond to the Holy Spirit.

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