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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports 2/12/21

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda


  • Nurses recovered well. They are able to walk and are out of the hospital.

  • Church is doing well


  • Pray for our staff. They are traumatized.

  • Pray for us as we will be meeting with the family of the driver sometime next week. This meeting will be very difficult for us. They will probably be asking for some kind of compensation.

  • Pray for the hospital because we tried to do some changes and improve some things, but then the tragedy happened and that naturally took precedence.

  • Pray for provision of medicine and for the hospital to be able to pay for it, because so much money had to be diverted to the tragedy.

  • Some of the kids are starting in-person school on the 3/1/21. Our daughter will be going back then, and the brother will follow later.

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe - Buwama, Uganda


  • I completed one week of teaching at the School of ministry - Calvary Chapel Soroti.

  • God is continuing to work in the new believers’ lives at Calvary Chapel Buwama.


  • Salvation of souls in the communities of Buwama and beyond.

  • Fruitful door to door evangelism which is planned of 24th February 2021.

  • Worship leader and a mature man to help in leading worship and supporting me in discipleship, respectively. Currently my daughter Esther plays the guitar and my son Joshua plays the drums, but they will be going back to school soon.

  • God’s provision for construction completion of the Clinic building to start medical work as an expanded opportunity of sharing the Gospel of Christ.

  • Protection upon my family and Church against the angry religious conservatives and witch doctors/ sorcerers.

  • Safe drive from Soroti back to Buwama tomorrow morning.

Denise Carlsen - Northern Uganda and South Sudan


  • Praise God I'm heading up into the Sudan in 3 weeks!


  • Protection & blessings for my family.

  • Pray for more of God's wisdom, love and discernment. More Holy Spirit!

  • Pray for Radical Holy Spirit movement in Sudan.

  • Pray for God to start working in the hearts and minds preparing the unreached tribes of Sudan to know and love Jesus as their saviour.

  • Pray for God to send His chosen ones to serve with me in the South Sudan Refugee Ministries, the Biblical Counseling Ministry and the Women's ministry.

  • Preparing to head up to the Sudan, please cover me in prayer! Amen

John 13:34-35, A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Rajiv KC - Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Thanks to God my sister got a new job which is easy and helpful for her health.

  • Also she got a holiday and is planning to come to Nepal but don’t know when.


  • Keep praying for wisdom and humility to lead youths, teach and preach at church.

  • Keep praying for dad’s salvation

  • Keep praying for the strength for my back, so that I would be able to go different places in upcoming pastors and leaders training.

  • Keep praying for the coffee shop to finish and run it well.

Luis and Karol Sanchez - Antigua, Guatemala


  • Please be praying for our 4 students and the intern at the Bible institute. That they grow and can hear God’s calling for their lives.

  • As a church we have to revitalize some of the ministries and we are praying for hearts willing to serve and wisdom for leaders.


  • As a family we are doing good. Praise God.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda


  • Sherill is doing well.


  • Pray as Sherill feels pressure because of all the needs and projects.

  • A Uganda Rotary group came in and did a surgery without anesthesia. One of the reasons Sherill wanted to come to Uganda was so women wouldn't have to endure surgery without anesthesia. These types of surgery will never be allowed to happen again.

  • Mike hopes to finalize the solar contract soon. They were able to restructure the power needs and the price came down. They want to add two solar panels to the guest house too.

  • Pray for the timing of the solar installation so Mike S and Mike V can be there.

  • Junior was diagnosed with a type of colitis and now can be treated when he has an attack.

  • Still praying for an anesthetist and ultrasound tech.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


  • Someone has donated land for the treatment center.


  • Pray for the land that there's a clear title and that there's no issues. They also need prayer on how to have the property transferred to either them or the church. They need to research how to do it.

  • Need to pray for provision for construction of the building, etc.

  • Still a lot of fear of Covid within the church body.

  • Pray for diligence to build up the church and do discipleship.

  • Jon asked someone to be assistant pastor. Please pray over that.

  • Jon changed his diet and is now having trouble sleeping. Pray he can start sleeping again, so he isn't struggling with being tired during the day.

Gary and Carol Kusunoki


  • God's wisdom and clarity on their next steps

  • Needs direction on whether to be under a ministry or start a new one.

Cal and Jessica Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua


  • Cal is fully recovered from Covid.


  • Pray for Jessica's creation class. There's a pro-evolution student, and they're some Christian students that need some love and patience for their pro-evolution friend.

  • Pray for Cal as he'll be teaching at "Spiritual Emphasis" day at Jessica's school. Needs prayer on the topic he should be teaching on.

  • Pray for Children's ministry as it will be starting soon.

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, Mexico


  • Priscilla is getting better and better.

  • The family is excited about baby Abby as she is becoming more interactive.


  • Pray for the kids, the goal is for them to be caught by the end of the semester.

  • The biggest prayer is for a church building. We're having a meeting tonight with leaders to go over the information and to make decisions on where they're at . That God would truly guide them to where to meet and when to commit. The city might shut down again. Do they wait or get in quickly?

  • That God would provide for the building and renovations, etc.

  • Just returned to in-person services. People are still afraid to go to church.

  • Praying to connect FB people with in-person people.

  • Prayer on how to mobilize people to service in in-person services and online through social media.

  • Prayer on how to use social media to reach the lost.

  • Need wisdom on how to disciple the people - doing more one on one to be able to go in depth.

  • Praying for Cesar who Tim knew at their previous church. He went from following the Lord to drugs and then a divorce. Praying he'll cling to Jesus and be a good father.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda


  • Because of the three week lockdown, they are three weeks behind in their construction.

  • They want to be able to move into the new residence before they leave for Canada on 4/15/21. They plan to return to Rwanda in August.

  • Paul plans to meet with the doctor about his knees while in Canada. For knee replacements, there's a 2-3 year waiting list.

  • Praying his flights to and from Canada will be without injury. He may need to take crutches because the long flight will make it hard for him to be able to move without a lot of pain.

  • Pray for the church plant and the leadership. There's three single students and two full time couples in the leadership.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona


  • Mark's father had the best case scenario for his surgery. He did not need any hardware for his back. He's doing so well that he had an early release from ICU and now leaving a day early from the hospital


  • The prayer for Mark's dad is that he will remember not to bend, twist or lift for the next 6-8 weeks.

  • The Hope Center has the opportunity to reopen but it remains closed. Praying it will reopen soon.

  • That the churches that have the open door to teach, would teach the word of God.

  • People would get saved, discipled, and walk in the ways of the Lord.

  • That the addictions of drugs, alcohol, porn and food would be broken.

Irám and Mayra Perez Tijuana, Mexico


  • Please pray for Chaplains in Tijuana. On March 20th, we are going to start training new Chaplains

  • we are transitioning to online training program

  • we want to reach all police stations in Tijuana (5 out of 11 so far. We are expectant of what God is going to do next through this ministry in Mexico!

  • Pray for Mayra's pregnancy.

  • Pray for their living situation.

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