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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports 4/9/2021

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Please pray for our family's health over these next few days/weeks.

  • Please also pray for the church as we're trying to figure out what to do to make sure that we don't start an outbreak in the church.

  • Also, please continue praying for God's provision and guidance for our project to move into a new building.

Cal and Jessica Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua

  • I am working on a roof for Miguel Sandino. He is the one who suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. Please pray for Miguel Sandino to recover the ability to walk again after the stroke.

  • Please pray for our first men's meeting tonight. That the Lord will bring the men and touch their hearts.

  • Please pray for Jessica as she is in the home stretch and the students can get tired and unmotivated in these last weeks of the school year.

  • Please pray for the church as many are still fearful of the virus.

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe - Buwama, Uganda


  • People came to Christ at Easter.

  • They have solar now to help with the electricity.


  • Pray for their internet to improve. It has been cutting out too much.

  • Pray for a safe journey as they are taking Joshua back to school tomorrow, and that God will protect him at school.

  • God would grow the new believers.

  • For the new believers that they would not be intimidated by their families and have the courage to attend the Tue and Thu discipleship classes.

  • God’s healing of my wife, Levenia's arthritis.

  • Protection of the church and my family.

  • Outreach to prisons.

  • Outreach to high schools. They went to minister to a friend of his daughters and they were chased out of the school.

  • Preparation of the conference for the pastors and their wives

  • To destroy all the altars of witchcraft and sorcery in our villages.

  • To provide for completion of the clinic building which will be used to treat the sick people in the communities who are consulting witch doctors and this will be a great opportunity of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the sick and their attendants.

  • To bring or raise up a person who can play the church equipment during the worship service.

Chris and Rosalba Martinez - Tijuana, Mexico


  • Chris and Rosalba tested positive for Covid.

  • Chris seems to be the sickest right now.

  • They've experienced one spiritual attack after another.

  • That the 501(c)3 would go smoothly and quickly.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda


  • That the international NGO paperwork would be completed and be correct.

  • That the new audit, even though outside of the deadline, would not incur fines or create additional problems.

  • That the old attorney and new attorney would work well together and get everything done in a timely manner.

  • That the land lease could be a 99 year lease.

  • That the new construction of the guest housing would go smoothly. That it would not be overwhelming for Majok to oversee.

  • That Majok would have the time and energy to oversee projects and help with the conference set up, etc.

  • That the solar project would be completed and work.

  • That the children's home/orphanage that Sherill was asked to visit, would change their practices and not overwork the children and they would be cared for in a loving and tender way.

  • That surgeons would come to help.

Gary and Carol Kusunoki


  • For the protection of the Uganda team as they're experiencing spiritual attacks.

  • The team is down to 13 people now. Although a smaller group is easier to manage, it also means less bags to have available to bring supplies to Uganda.

  • Logistics of the team landing in Uganda. Five of the team are coming in from other locations.

  • Gary and Carol praying about visiting Nepal and returning with Rajiv.

  • For the setting up of the Anchored International Relief By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. They're praying to be incorporated before they leave for Uganda.

  • For a work schedule at home.

  • For a healing for both Courtney and Faith who have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Carol's heart spasms would be healed.

  • Carol is concerned about Gary's mother being alone during the day.

  • For the Uganda women. They want Jesus, but not His Lordship.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


  • We looked at a new piece of land and we actually love it but we are praying for the Lord’s will.

  • We are praying for someone in the church who has been offended by someone else in the church. Praying for resolution between these two ladies.

  • Please pray for our Easter events. We will be showing “The Passion of the Christ” on Friday night at church and we’re praying people will invite their unsaved family and friends. And please pray for Sunday’s service and potluck after. We will be taking communion together during the service too.

  • Allison will be starting the women’s ministry in the next couple of weeks. We are studying the book of James instead of Philippians.

  • Please pray for rest and endurance for Jon as he is feeling overwhelmed.

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda


  • For the village where they had their outreach, they need a temporary structure during the rainy season for church services.

  • Pray for his wife Elizabeth who has a girl's disciple class of 14 to 19 year olds.

  • Pray for the future Prison ministry.

Rajiv KC - Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Rajiv is being ordained 5/1/21.

  • On 5/21/21, he's heading to Uganda to be part of the team and will be there for two months.


  • For the upcoming trip to Uganda.

  • That there would not be another lockdown coming.

  • Praying for wisdom and strength to lead, learn and teach in the Schools of Ministry and Worship and with the youth.

  • Pray for Rajiv's master classes.

  • For wisdom to teach the Book of Joshua in Bible College.

  • For his father's salvation.

  • For Rajiv's back.

Irám and Mayra Perez Tijuana, Mexico


  • Please pray for the training of the new Chaplains.

  • We want to reach all police stations in Tijuana (5 out of 11 so far).

  • For the construction of their new home.

Luis and Karol Sanchez - Antigua, Guatemala

Please be praying for,

  • The training up of ministry workers. They have started a foundation class.

  • Bible Institute. They have four students. Two of them are excited to graduate to go back and serve their communities.

  • Luis and Paula. Luis is in charge of the Bible Institute. His 42 year old wife is pregnant with twins. A little nervous about the life charges that are coming.

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger - Iruma, Japan


  • For the abandoned house and fixer upper they are seeking to purchase.

  • Pray for our summer trip to the US. Hopefully, we can get the vaccine and just have a normal life. Pray that the PCR $350.00 per person test at the airport goes away.

  • Praying for Jane to get into the school she applied for. She has to take an entrance exam.

  • Pray for the church members that have dropped off or moved. Praying that God will lead and guide and continue His work in their lives. Pray for wisdom during this time.

Punkaj & Tonielle Sarkar - Kathmandu, Nepal


  • That Nepal would not lockdown again.

  • That the air pollution in Kathmandu would decrease.

  • For the April 14th Conference of 300 people, that it would be Spirit lead and fruitful.

  • For the four pastor conferences that are coming up. Each conference is a week of teaching.

  • That God would pour out his Holy Spirit on the Schools of Worship and Ministry and all the conferences.

  • Pray that their legal daughter would sleep through the night. Tonielle is tired.

Denise Carlsen - Northern Uganda and South Sudan

  • God's continued radical movement in my life, Missions to Unreached Tribes in Sudan and in the Church!

  • God to pour out His love into my brothers and sisters in Christ and into my enemies hearts! AMEN.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda


  • Paul will not be able to get his knee surgery in Canada due to the COVID19 restrictions and backlog for operations in medical services in his province.

  • We have started the government ECD projects that they have asked us to do, which requires the monitoring of equipment and processes for 492 ECD Centers. This will take until the last day in June.

  • Another international organization (NGO) is asking us to be the founders and set up an independent office here and set up legal status In coming months.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona


  • Although only four people showed up for the Easter service, one of them was a 9 year old boy. He sat through Sunday School never having heard the Gospel until that day. Pray he comes to know the Lord.


  • That the Lord would bring more children to attend Sunday School to hear the Gospel, and get grounded.

  • That the addictions of drugs, alcohol, porn and junk food would be broken (there are many diabetics on the reservation).

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