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Prayers and Praise Reports 3/22/21

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe - Buwama, Uganda

Continue praying that God:

  • Grows the new believers and salvation of more souls.

  • Gives Courage to the new believers to attend Church programs against the threats and intimidation of their families and communities.

  • To destroy all the altars of witchcraft and sorcery in our villages.

  • Protection upon the church and my family.

  • God’s healing of my wife’s (Levenia) arthritis.

  • To provide for completion of the Clinic building which will be used to treat the sick people in the communities who are consulting witch doctors and this will be a great opportunity of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the sick and their attendants.

  • To bring or raise up a person who can play the church equipment during the worship service.

  • To comfort the bereaved families of Pastors Fred and Chris for the death of the brother and mother, respectively.

  • To provide safety to our children who are at school; Esther and Deborah are currently at school and God to provide school fees for the other two who will be going back to school soon. Joshua and Aida will be going back to school in the next few weeks.

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger - Iruma, Japan

Please pray for a fresh outpouring of His Holy Spirit to give us vision, wisdom, and grace. Thank you.

Punkaj & Tonielle Sarkar - Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Church is reopened.

  • School of Ministry has started


  • That God would pour out his Holy Spirit on the Schools of Worship and Ministry.

  • A student from the School of Ministry and a student from the School of Worship have both lost family homes to fire. Please pray for them and their families.

  • For the worship team who are getting ready for Easter.

  • For Levi as he has started in-person school again.

  • For God to bring them the right vehicle. They're waiting on the Lord.

Jon and Allison Brechtel - Oaxaca Mexico


  • Got a prayer request from someone in the church named Miguel regarding his sister. They don't know the details but something terrible happened.

  • Re treatment center. God has opened a lot of doors. Jon and Allison need wisdom on which way to go. They know God is at work. They're seeking His will. They know it may not work out the way they're thinking.

Luis and Karol Sanchez - Antigua, Guatemala


  • The church has been meeting.

  • Every week they've been having a full house.

  • Karol's health has improved.

Please be praying for,

  • Previous ministry workers who are no longer serving, so the church is short-handed. Pray for those who are not willing to serve.

  • They are restarting the process of training up ministry workers. They have started a foundation class.

  • Pray for their younger son as he is used to hanging out with his older brother who's now at the age where he's hanging out with friends.

  • The Bible Institute. They have four students. Two of them are excited to graduate to go back and serve their communities.

  • Luis and Paula. Luis is in charge of the Bible Institute. His 42 year old wife is pregnant with twins. A little nervous about the life charges that are coming.

Rajiv KC - Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Thankful for the coffee shop, which is opening this Saturday. Praying it will be a place to reach people. They need wisdom and strength to run it.

  • His sister got the apartment near her place of work.

  • She tested negative for Covid.


  • For the Fear of God and not the Fear of Man.

  • Praying for wisdom and strength to lead, learn and teach. Wants humility.

  • Pray for his master classes.

  • For wisdom to teach the Book of Joshua in Bible College.

  • For wisdom to council and disciple when someone is in pain. That God would really touch them. That God would give him the right words.

  • That his sister would continue to be protected.

  • For his father's salvation and his parents health as they get older.

  • For Rajiv's back. It's been a little better lately.

Cal and Jessica Stubner, Managua, Nicaragua


  • Praise the Lord that the children were in the remodeled building for the first time on Sunday and it was wonderful.


  • Please pray that we will be able to finish the restrooms for the children soon and repair the remainder of the roof before it begins to rain.

  • Please pray for our special Good Friday service that is coming soon.

  • Please pray continued growth of the church.

  • Please pray for Jessica as she still feels overwhelmed by the large quantity of work that she has lately.

  • Please pray for Miguel Sandino who suffered a stroke last week and is now in the hospital for physical therapy. He is very old and has many health complications.

  • With love in Christ

Gary and Carol Kusunoki


  • 18 people going to Uganda from 5/21/21 to 6/13/21. There's a pharmacy that's going to comp their Covid testing before the trip.

  • Gary and Carol will be staying until July.

  • There is a graduate at the Soroti Bible School that was previously a Muslim Iman and now leads a church in Juba, South Sudan.

  • For financial provision Gary and Carol have received for the next 12 months.


  • For the 3/29/21, 7:00 pm gathering for an evening of praise and prayer.

  • For the Anchored non-profit. Lots of paperwork and legal hoops. Pray it goes smoothly and quickly.

  • For the 5th Annual Senior Pastor and Wives Conference from 5/25/21 to 5/28/21. Pray for those coming from other countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the Congo - they need the funds for the Covid tests needed to get in and out of the country.

  • For travel logistics for the 18 person Uganda team. They will have 54 pieces of luggage. Pray for the trip to the airport.

  • For the protection of the Uganda team and the details of the trip.

  • Gary and Carol as they're getting their first Covid shot on Monday.

  • Gary will be in Tijuana today working with Irám.

Irám and Mayra Perez Tijuana, Mexico


  • Please pray for Chaplains in Tijuana. On March 20th, we are going to start training new Chaplains

  • We are transitioning to online training program

  • We want to reach all police stations in Tijuana (5 out of 11 so far). We are expectant of what God is going to do next through this ministry in Mexico!

  • They were able to buy land. Pray for the construction budget to build a home.

Chris Martinez - Tijuana, Mexico


  • They are filing paperwork to be a 501(c)3 in the U.S. Pray it goes smoothly and quickly.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Naluko, Uganda


  • Looking forward to the Uganda team of 18 people that's coming.

  • They are grateful that all the guest housing will be done to host them.

  • Guest dining room is completed.

  • Mike Sedillo and Mike V have returned to the U.S. safely.


  • Time is going fast. Sherill only has 10 more days before she leaves for the U.S. for six weeks and then returns.

  • For the NGO audit. They are changing to an international NGO. Pray they get all the paperwork done before Sherill has to return home.

  • Pray the NGO paperwork will be finalized.

  • Pray for their desire to create a pig farm that would bring in income. The hospital needs $6,000/month to pay for salaries. They need discernment to pull it off.

  • Pray for everything to go smoothly after she leaves for the U.S.

Tim and Priscilla Ives - Chihuahua, Mexico


  • The Lord's guidance, provision and wisdom for a new building. We're hoping to talk with the representative for a potential location this week to see if they'll be willing to work with us with the price. Please pray for God's favor and open doors. God has been so good and already provided a lot of the money we need, but we are still short about half the amount we have been praying for.

  • Wisdom and creativity with how to use the temporary location we currently meet at on Sundays to minister to the people who come, welcome new people and still maintain social distancing. Also, wisdom for how to best minister to the children during this time.

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Soroti, Uganda


  • Pray for either a new internet provider or that the present internet provider will fix things.

  • Pray for the outreach coming up. The School of Ministry is going to support one of their church plants beginning the 27th. Pray that God will use them and protect them as we reach out to that village.

  • Pray for the protection of his daughter, Jemima who returned to boarding school and is in her 3rd level of high school.

  • Pray for his other daughter Diana who has had malaria.

  • Pray for his wife Elizabeth who has a girl's disciple class of 14 to 19 year olds.

  • They haven't received funding for the School of Ministry the last two months. Funding is down by 40%. They have 21 students. Pray they are able to end the semester in May. Please be praying for that situation that they would get funding to continue to run the School of Ministry. Promise Child is still sending money, so that allows them to buy food and some school supplies and things like that to keep the school running.

  • Pray for wisdom to prioritize workload and ministry. Pray that the Lord would reveal if he should give up something to do the other.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson - Rwanda


  • They leave for Canada April 15th. They want to get far enough along with the construction that they can lock it down before they leave.

  • They may not go to Canada because of the strict Covid restrictions. There are mandatory 3-day stays at Covid hotels that may be costly. Then they will still have to quarantine, after the 3-days.

  • If they don't go to Canada, pray that Paul can get a Rwanda driver's license.

  • Please pray for their personal fatigue. They've been working nearly seven days a week (morning to dusk) since Fall of 2019. They're 95% complete, but they need a rest.

Mark and Isabelle Secor - Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona


  • Sunday School started again at the Hope Center.


  • For the Sunday School kids that the Holy Spirit would do a major work on them so they understand there's a living God that loves them.

  • That the reservation churches would teach the word of God without twisting it, adding to it or taking away from it.

  • People would get saved, discipled, and walk in the ways of the Lord.

  • That the addictions of drugs, alcohol, porn and food would be broken.

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