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SJC Food Outreach 4/11 & 4/12

Here is an update from one of our Anchored Chaplains, Bruce Finnie, regarding the Food Outreach that we are blessed to be a part of on the weekends during this COVID 19 pandemic. Check it out!

"Another great day serving the community of San Juan Capistrano at the coalition food distribution ..plenty of help from our  church folks..good fellowship and great relationships with the  coalition..James estimates serving 800 sausage sandwiches..we distributed all the Gospel of John booklets except 1 in Spanish and about 10 in English ..don't know who got blessed the most..us or the community..what a privilege to serve our Lord..

We'll need more booklets both in English and Spanish...ya'll be blessed... I'd guess at 1500+ (Gospels of John) for the 2 days..with a 60/40 split...Spanish over English...people responded very well to the offer...we even had grade school kids asking for them but generally 1 per car...the receptiveness was far greater than I expected..."

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