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Update from Calvary Chapel Buwama 12/15/20

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for us as there is increasing community corona infection due to mass gathering of different political supporters with no SOPs as we are in political campaign season in preparation for the January 2021 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Otherwise, we thank God for the arrival of our pioneer evangelism team from Calvary Chapel Naluko and EYO- New Hope youths mission to Buwama. Today which was our first day of door to door evangelism was witnessed by God touching many lives in the communities. Fifteen people gave their lives to Christ. We thank God for answering our prayers that many families opened their homes to the evangelism teams with just few families rejecting to welcome the evangelism teams.

Some people who were willing to give their lives to Christ were threatened by their family heads not to change from their religion, whereas others from witchcraft families feared the unknown consequences of leaving their lives to embrace the new Christian faith!

It was also amazing to see a Muslim man encouraging a certain young man (Stephen) who is from a strong witchcraft family to change to Christianity, reminding him that his (Stephen’s) life has been ruined through witchcraft and sorcery! Consequently, Stephen was convicted though feared to invite Christ in His heart. Please be praying for this young man.

There were also many people who are mostly Catholics who confessed that, they are not going to any church because they have been disappointed by the priests (Reverend fathers) whose life styles are not consistent with their religious professions. These people promised to come to a new church of Calvary Chapel Buwama.

We noted that, there are many sick people in the communities who are not able to access medical services due to different reasons ranging from long distances to the good health facilities and expensive services in the private medical facilities.

Finally, pray that God will break the religious and witchcraft barriers in the communities of Buwama such that people embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ; the new believers to get grounded in their new faith through the discipleship programs; God’s presence in the church weekly fellowships that will begin tomorrow; continued fruitful door to door evangelism which will end on Saturday; protection upon the evangelism team and the new church; God’s provision for the completion of the Clinic building for the integrated Medical – evangelical programs.

Some pictures for evaluation meeting for today’s door to door evangelism are attached.

God bless you.

In His service,

Jjagwe Charles

Calvary Chapel Buwama

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